Ceramic Benihana Japanese Panda Mug

Collectible Benihana Japanese Panda Mug, in excellent condition

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Yunosuke Aoki had a Benihana restaurant in Japan which inspired his son Hiroaki (also known as Rocky). Hiroaki left Japan and migrated to America in the late 1950’s. Through hard work, opened up his first Benihana Japanese restaurant in Harlem in 1964. He named it after his parents’ Tokyo restaurant.

Hiroaki opened his first Benihana restaurant on West 56th street featuring an authentic Japanese farmhouse interior.  Legendary food critic Clementine Paddleford gave Benihana a rave review and the restaurant took off, paying for itself in just six months.

We want you to relate to this story by offering this cup at price lower than Ebay, Amazon or Bonanza. Respectively selling it from $ 24.00 to $49.99

Our price is $13.99…the best price around for this authentic japanese cup. Its factory  production Number is DW129.  It is pre-owned or used but in excellent condition without any scuff marks.

Hand painted black with a green bamboo shoot including eyelashes.

 Dimensions: 5.30 inches tall  and with a base of 3.6 inches wide.


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