Chinese Ho Tai Laughing Buddah Statue

Vintage Chinese Chan monk Buddah Statue of Wealth and prosperity

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This vintage ceramic statue of Buddah is also called Ho Tai or Budai, an eccentric Chinese Chan monk who is still revered by many people as the Chinese Buddha. He is also found in many residential homes, in small and big business, temples and shrines. He is associated with wealth, good fortune and happiness when his protuded belly is rubbed.

Condition:  White and nicely glazed. No cracks and no scratches, still in perfect condition. Selling as is, no return nor exchange. Verify the picture provided for details.  Asking $35.99 as best garage sales price.

Dimensions: 13 inches tall,   7.5 inches wide by  4.2 inches deep at the base.

Buy it now !  the price for this Vintage  Buddah statue is 35.99. Other stores are asking over a hundred dollars for the same statue. No chips no crack and no scratches. No exchange nor returns on vintage items.


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