Chinese Porcelain Dragon’s Pearl

Vintage Chinese Porcelain Dragon’s Pearl of Wisdom Power and Good Luck 龍袍

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This figurine is of white porcelain and represents Dragon’s Pearl of Wisdom and Good Luck 龍袍. It is decorated with gold scales and is also holding a gold Pearl in its paw.  This dragon has no cracks and no scuff marks, used but in perfect condition.

Weight and Dimensions 1 lb. 14 oz. and measures 6ʺW × 4.75ʺD × 7.75ʺH. A beautiful dragon.

In Ancient China Dragons represent the Emperor. The emblem on their clothes, called 龙袍 lóng páo or dragon robe emperor’s court dress ( 龍袍 – traditional Chinese).

Oriental traditions believe necklaces of pearls are favored by naga-queens or mermaids. The old Vedic books mention a magical ‘jewel of good luck,’ once belonged to the naga-maidens but was lost through terror caused by the bird garuda.


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