Mikasa ROSELLA Glass Two Tier Tray

 Vintage Mikasa ROSELLA  Pink Glass Two Tier  Tray

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Vintage W Germany Pink mikasa rosella two tier tray. This set is decorated with frosted leaves, prescut or molded flowers and leaves. It is shaded with  pink crystal pattern which has been discontinued, hence its vintage value. The art work is on the underside of the trays and the top is smoothly finished. We are asking 29.99 and that is the lowest price around compared to other venues that are selling the same item for  $60.00 to $ 70.00.

The metallic post at the center, still maintains its original golden color, is anchored with a screw on the bottom of the larger tray.

The perfect gift which can be used to accentuate a table or credenza. In excellent condition, presumably used or pre-owned but without any cracks nor chips and being sold as is: No returns nor refunds accepted on most vintage items and the justification will be provided . See the photo gallery for specific details.

Measurements: almost 10 inch tall  (to tip of handle)
from large plate to small plate 5 inches
Large Plate: has a 12 inch diameter and the Small Plate has a 7.5 diameter



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